Pandora's Book (Promethean: the Created) by Jess Hartley, Justin Achilli, Wood Ingham, Joseph Carriker

By Jess Hartley, Justin Achilli, Wood Ingham, Joseph Carriker

Interest Kills, desire Abides

At the ground of Pandora’s field is Elpis, the desire for a brand new lifestyles. The Created understand this — they suppose the Elpis calling to them, guiding them on their Pilgrimage. yet to arrive this chic country, they need to struggle their method in the course of the evils of the realm. previous the Hundred passed, these Prometheans who decide to exalt Flux. previous the Pandorans, creatures born from the mess ups of the Created. in the course of the Firestorms, rains of blood, worry and hearth. Following the beckoning of the qashmallim, the rush onwards, ever trying to find Hope.

This publication includes:

• particular info at the many manifestations of Flux and Pyros, together with the enigmatic qashmallim

• lethal new enemies for the Created

• "Sheltering Storm," a continuation of the "Water of Life" tale started in Promethean: The Created, set in New Orleans

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First and foremost is the same desire that leads any Promethean to seek others of his kind: companionship. Few enough of the Created exist at any given time that denying oneself the company of any of them out of hand may seem overly harsh to a lonely Promethean. When one is shunned or even hunted by the vast majority of the world’s population, turning one’s back on any sentient comradeship is a difficult prospect to consider. Even for those who have had the fortune to find and bond with others of their own kind, a new face, a new voice, a new perspective is a rare commodity.

Even for those who have had the fortune to find and bond with others of their own kind, a new face, a new voice, a new perspective is a rare commodity. Even if that interaction is dangerous and reminds one of one’s own deep and inherent flaws, it is still full of potential for companionship. New perspectives also offer the possibility of exposure to new experiences and new insights on the Pilgrimage. Not all Centimani began their existences following the Refinement of Flux. Most came to it through one of the more traditional pathways, meaning they may have traveled the same philosophical road and dealt with the same dilemmas that a non-Centimanus they encounter is currently facing.

This ability may be used more than once per day, but only one Reagent point may be spent per roll. The bonus can be applied to Social rolls, combat, Transmutations, rolls meant to resist other supernatural powers or anything else in which a supernatural being is involved. Redeemed Boon: The Redeemed character enters human existence with the Unseen Sense Merit, but instead of choosing a specific area, she is left with a sensitivity to all supernatural phenomenon. When this Merit is triggered, the player may roll Wits + Occult for the character to recognize a previously encountered phenomenon, but does not gain an inherent knowledge of it.

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