Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Mythical Monsters Revisited by Anthony Pryor, Greg A. Vaughan, Jason Nelson, Jonathan

By Anthony Pryor, Greg A. Vaughan, Jason Nelson, Jonathan Keith, Mike Kenway, Jesse Benner

This Pathfinder sourcebook takes an in depth examine ten of the main famous and well-feared monsters from mythology. inside those pages you''ll locate entries on creatures from the outdated international to the hot, together with the chimera, couatl, griffon, harpy, hydra, kraken, medusa, phoenix, sphinx, and wendigo. With each one monster receiving a bankruptcy in their personal, information about background, ecology, lairs, variations, or even realworld roots supply all of the details you''ll have to bolster those vintage monsters on your online game.

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Most of these vast and incomprehensible devices lie dormant, and thus krakens who happen across such finds seek to restore the engines to their workable state, that they might turn the strange magics to their own ends. Those who successfully face down a kraken and gain possession of one of these artifacts may find their prize a two-edged sword, for though the contraptions are full of valuable materials, they can also have strange effects on those who do not understand them. jealously. While not a particularly intimidating kraken as far as looks are concerned—his baggy f lesh and sunken eyes revealing a distinct lack of raw muscle—Jegradin possesses a cunning wit that even other krakens have a diff icult time deciphering.

Sometimes these larvae are dislodged into the hydra’s throat and hacked up in slimy, leathery cysts, which the hydra collects and places into swampy nests as if they were eggs until they burst open and release their maturing brood. If neck rootlets instead hatch and mature within the neck, however, the hatchlings actually tear the parent’s neck asunder, bursting out of the f laccid tissue like elongated tadpoles. The HABITAT & SOCIETY Hydras are by nature solitary creatures; whatever urges they have for interaction are suff iciently addressed by the constant slither and hiss of their multiple heads.

Thanks to both the range of possibilities granted by their greed, as well as their mid-range CR, medusas make for excellent transitional monsters when a GM wants to shift a campaign in an entirely different direction midway through a party’s adventuring career. In a high-level game, multiple medusas attacking simultaneously constitute a legitimate threat, as they are immune to each other’s gazes, while PCs must continue to save every round for every medusa as long as they are within range. Their humanoid forms and ability to blend in with more mundane societies make medusas particularly viable monstrous candidates for adding class levels and developing interesting backstories.

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