Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Rival Guide by Paizo Publishing

By Paizo Publishing

The main risky foes on the earth of the Pathfinder RPG will not be continually monsters. For the participant characters are usually not the one magic-laden "heroes" with hopes and ambition to convey sword and spell into desolate dungeons and crime-ridden towns. this helpful reference comprises ten thoroughly unique events of rival adventurers appropriate to be used as enemies, allies, or something in among. offered with a variety of power-levels and numerous pursuits, the characters during this richly illustrated publication additionally double as nice on-the-spot pregenerated participant characters.

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They might follow a rival party of giant-killers and use them to draw out giants before swooping in to finish off the targets and steal the glory. Although good-aligned, their reckless ways and seeming inability to comply with an increasing number of laws meant to protect rural folk may well see the Kneecappers come into conf lict with the PCs— particularly parties composed of lawful members who work for Korvosan interests. In Combat The Kneecappers prefer to attack from ambush when possible; if taken unawares, they use magic to cover their withdrawal so they can regroup.

Lastly, Captain Casault, a former Gray Corsair forced into piracy, serves as the group’s public face. The Hellblood Corsairs have a reputation for scouring the western coast, plundering ships almost at random, without regard for the lives of those aboard. Despite their pillaging, their primary goals lie elsewhere. The Hellbloods frequently disappear for months, hunting out lost isles and ancient ruins in pursuit of mysteries concerning the dark entities that have shaped their lives. Still, none can deny the brutal and merciless violence that follows whenever they resurface.

The possessor targets a single creature or unattended item with this attack. Chomper (not the wielder) makes a single bite attack against the creature or item targeted: bite +14 (1d10+5 and bleed 2). This action does not provoke attacks of opportunity, despite the quasit’s Tiny size. Attacks made in this way are never modified by the wielder’s abilities—Azrikalis cannot modify his attack roll with his Dexterity modifier, for example, nor can he use Chomper to make sneak attacks. Hateful Curse: When a non-demon is in possession of Chomper, the bag’s cursed aura imparts a –1 penalty on all of its wielder’s attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks.

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