Pathfinder Chronicles: Book of the Damned Volume 1- Princes by F. Wesley Schneider

By F. Wesley Schneider

This booklet takes a glance on the sinister, manipulative cruelties of Hell's scions - the devils. How do devils manage mortals to serve their evil plans? What eldritch powers can a mortal achieve by way of signing an infernal agreement - and what does he quit within the method? What are Hell's plans for the area of Pathfinder? most of these questions and extra are explored in quantity 1 of the ebook of the Damned, besides a variety of, brand-new devils and infernal magic designed to vex and torment your avid gamers.

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Yet for all such things there is a price, which is always the same: an eternity of service to Hell’s dark prince. None can doubt that such payment is steep, but endlessly mortals believe themselves cannier than their fiendish benefactors or shortsighted enough to confuse a boon of centuries with eternity. Their patience is long and their evil immortal, easily weathering ages of service. And in time, every infernal miracle inevitably reveals itself for the trap it is, and no mortal deception can outwit the infernal cunning of Hell.

Tasks however they please—though osyluths and the watchful eyes of the archfiends constantly mind even them for signs of dissension. The ways of most infernal dukes are subtle, as they possess endless time and resources to exact their terrible wills, to say nothing of profane powers exclusive to each. And where the attentions of Asmodeus and his archdevils span the planes, the goals of infernal lords often prove much more precise, as theirs are the burning eyes most likely to turn upon specific mortal worlds, countries, or even individuals in their quests to increase both the might of Hell and themselves.

Known as the masterminds of Hell, gelugons are among the most cunning of devilkind, their great intellects making them far deadlier than their considerable physical prowess might already imply. While lesser devils spend the centuries devising cunning heresies and developing cruel weapons of corruption, gelugons put the tools of damnation to use. Looking out across the planes from alien hermitages of iron and ice, these inscrutable strategists seek the weak points in Heavenly defenses, the exploitable gamuts of demon lords, and the tides of mortal sentiment that make whole worlds ready for damnation.

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