Pathfinder Chronicles: Cities of Golarion by Joshua J. Frost

By Joshua J. Frost

Six adventure-packed towns of the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade surroundings come alive during this lavishly illustrated guidebook. Perched on a razor's fringe of event, the towns during this booklet make first-class settings for Pathfinder campaigns, and the wealth of aspect and ideas for city adventuring make the e-book a fantastic pick-up for all fable players. towns of Golarion highlights the next interesting locales: Cassomir - glowing Capital of Humanity's Oldest Empire; Corentyn - urban among Seas; Ilizmagorti - Island Jungle urban of Outcasts and Assassins; Nisroch - urban of Shadows; Vigil - final Bastion opposed to the Orc Hordes; and Whitethrone - Frozen urban of the Witch Queen. every one urban gets a gorgeous full-page map, an ancient and cultural evaluate, info on vital characters and destinations in the neighborhood, neighborhood stumble upon tables, and unique principles to assist avid gamers and video game Masters flesh out the nation-states for his or her personal campaigns.

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Skilled labor is taught using the familiar apprentice-master system; therefore, quick learners hold positions where they can continue to practice and improve, while slower learners are sent back to Southbank. Likewise, the Umbral Court outlaws guilds as the antithesis to both the law and their status quo—power belongs solely to the nobility, not to common workers. Instead, merchants petition for aid from noble sponsors who take a percentage of profits from their ventures. Not surprisingly, the wealthiest merchants work for high-ranking members of the Umbral Court.

For now, the three groups are in a stalemate, engaged in a shadowy struggle of inf iltration and espionage. When an agent of either the Consortium or the Pathf inders is found in Ilizmagorti, the Red Mantis either deports them or—more usually—executes them. Mantis operatives frequently suffer the same fate at the hands of rivals. As the only city on Mediogalti, Ilizmagorti does not have to contend with politics on a local or regional scale. Occasionally, orders come down from the Crimson Citadel which are duly enforced by the Mayor of Ilizmagorti and the Blood Watch.

Outlawed in neighboring ports, these ships gladly take refuge here despite its docking fees. Its small but thriving black market eagerly purchases their plunder, while pirates can freely barter for food, goods, and entertainment in various dockside shops and taverns. This open-dock policy has aroused the ire of House Thrune, as well as the enmity of Andoran. In fact, the Gray Corsairs were first to note an increased appearance of suspicious ships along the Varisian coast, and tracked several of them back to the Nidalese port.

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