Pathfinder Chronicles: Classic Treasures Revisited by Paizo Publishing

By Paizo Publishing

Because the delivery of fable roleplaying, a handful of mythic treasures have lurked within the hordes of tens of millions of campaigns. Infused with magical energy and surrounded via numerous conflict legends and tall stories, this stuff were part of each version of the foundations and proceed as vital parts of the sport to at the present time. vintage Treasures Revisited locations those vital treasures into the context of the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade environment, with old info, suggestion for utilizing them in Pathfinder video games, and pointers on suggesting find out how to make the goods excess of an easy line on a personality sheet. every one treasure gets a lavishly illustrated 6-page therapy destined to alter how you take into consideration those vintage goods.

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The brass horn proudly owned by Opir Eightfingers of Jol has not been seen in many months, leading to nagging rumors of its theft, though none dare voice them to their temperamental king. And the iron horn crafted in honor of dead King Storjon fell into the hands of the black trolls, who once a month sound it within earshot of the gates of Trollheim. There, the trolls battle one another for the privilege of rending the horn's minions limb from limb. The Blackravens have fallen just short of retrieving the stolen horn on more than one occasion, a source of continued embarrassment to the warriors.

Should a rod touch the sphere, having been either incidentally or purposefully hurled into the sphere’s devouring maw, it triggers a titanic, spherical blast that destroys both objects instantly and deals 2d6 × 10 points of damage to everything within a 60-foot radius. rock over geologic time and forming a massive, inexplicable depression or sinkhole. A sphere deposited within a lake or volcanic chamber would, in short order, form a massive whirlpool before finally draining the water or molten rock away like a vampire bleeding its victim dry, leaving only an alluvial crater or empty basalt hollow behind.

Campaign Role In the hands of a cunning villain, a horn of Valhalla means timely reinforcements are only a clarion call away. Indeed, the horn can serve as a general alarm as well, alerting guards to intruders even as it summons f ierce barbarians to delay troublesome intruders. The horn is notable for providing a source of warriors ready and willing to die, so morale is 36 Horn of Valhalla dead for insignificant battles is seen as an insult to the horn’s clan of origin, likely answered in blood if word reaches them.

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