Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Korvosa (Pathfinder by James Jacobs

By James Jacobs

The city-state of Korvosa, greatest in all Varisia, has prospered during the last century when you consider that its abandonment through its founding state of Cheliax. Its port brims with black-and-red-flagged ships - the colours of either Korvosa and Cheliax - ceaselessly buying and selling fineries from the south for Varisian curiosities and her land's ordinary bounty. As such, Korvosa rightfully claims to be the main cultured and civilized urban within the zone, but viewers may also provide the city-state the titles of so much decadent, exploitative, and socially stratified. This e-book serves as an exhaustive consultant to the town, together with info on all significant attractions, profiles at the city's movers and shakers, and numerous event hooks for enterprising GMs to extend upon.

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Day of Destiny Festival, 3 Sarenith: Held to be the day Emperor Halleck IV signed the charter that eventually became Korvosa, celebrants of this holiday toast the city’s health with cheap but abundant liquor. 5. Riverwind Festival, 22 Sarenith: At the start of summer, the prevailing winds shift for a few weeks, bringing a cool breeze down from the Mindspin Mountains. , drinking to excess). 6. Founding Festival, 14 Erastus: The wildest parties and festivities occur on the anniversary of the city’s founding.

Even the wealthiest merchants cannot hope to possess as much political clout as the poorest noble families. On the other hand, the Korvosan peerage constantly shrinks, as families who displease Cheliax’s monarch lose their titles and privileges—if not their holdings or their lives. Since the death of Aroden and the reduction of trade with Cheliax, Korvosa has existed in a constant state of precariously balanced power. Thanks to their internal f lux, the noble houses cannot remain united long enough to displace the royal family (if they even wanted to) and the royal family cannot summon enough resources to destroy the power of the nobles.

No wards divide South Shore. A small enclave built specifically as an embassy for Mierani elves stands in the ward. S1. Orkatto’s Feathers and Fur: Collectors and wealthy nobles of South Gate acquire exotic pets or oddities to add to their menageries from Orkatto’s. It is f illed with caged wonders, from rainbow-plumed songbirds and snowdust badgers to emerald-back nightbelly boas and even the odd dream spider (for Orkatto’s more shady clientele). The elderly half ling served a lord in Magnimar as his master of the hunt in younger days, but the country squire saved his coppers well and retired to Korvosa to set up his shop.

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