Pathfinder Chronicles: Into the Darklands by Paizo Publishing

By Paizo Publishing

Delve into the deep secrets and techniques of the Darklands, a subterranean realm frequented via darkish elves, shadow dragons, and worse! This complete sourcebook presents an summary of the cavernous geographical regions less than the outside of the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade atmosphere. distinct cultural summaries of Darklands creatures comparable to drow, derro, troglodytes, and worse praise a variety of recent monsters from the darkish corners of the earth. a gorgeous poster map finds never-before-seen information of the significant chambers and treacherous passage networks deep lower than the skin of the area.

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Ghouls Drow Priest of Zura 32 The ghouls of the Darklands are one of its most feared and least understood races. In most societies, ghouls are little more than a blight upon surface cemeteries and boneyards, but in ancient Osirion, where traditions of interring preserved dead in trap-filled tombs made it difficult for ghouls to find their favorite repasts of human Sekamina f lesh, a strange thing happened. Rather than confront the living, these ghouls simply dug deeper. Their warrens were not meant for permanence, and as their tunnels slowly collapsed behind them, the ghouls of ancient Osirion found themselves in a new realm deep below the sands— the twisting tunnels of Sekamina.

Drow Foremost among the races of Sekamina are undoubtedly the wicked and twisted drow. Since their f light from the 3 surface millennia ago, their skin and hearts have become as dark as the stygian depths in which they dwell. Yet despite the paranoia of many surface-dwelling scholars, the dark elves do not seek to return to the surface—they are content to weave their complex plans and live their decadent lives in the comfort of Sekhamina, the world they have already all but conquered. This is not to say that the surface has nothing to fear from the drow—far from it.

Hidden behind a series of secret doors built into the walls of a secondary passageway, actual access to the city of Dwimovel is only via a tangled network of tertiary tunnels. The svirfneblin rely upon this configuration as both a defense from their neighbors and because they feel more at home among the tangled caverns and twisting passageways. Dwimovel itself is a large collection of caverns that honeycomb the perimeter of a large cavern containing a beautiful and delicate forest of crystal. This central mineral growth serves the svirfneblin in as a place to meditate and relax—the actual urban sprawl of Dwimovel exists solely in the dozens of surrounding caverns, each of which is approximately a mile in diameter and contains a single enclave of several hundred gnomes.

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