Pathfinder Module: Academy of Secrets (Pathfinder Modules) by Brian Cortijo

By Brian Cortijo

Each year the professors on the Acadamae, Korvosa's prestigious university of arcane artwork, host the Breaching pageant, the place the city's such a lot expert infiltrators are invited to attempt to infiltrate the varsity, trying out their good fortune opposed to the university's scholars, otherworldly guardians, and lethal traps for an opportunity at a fortune in gold and magical treasure. This 12 months, your heroes quantity between these invited to check the defenses of a brand new new release of Acadamae apprentices, yet anything greater than the promise of repute and riches calls out from the university's private sanctum, and this year's competition delivers to be the deadliest trial the college has ever identified! Academy of secrets and techniques is a Pathfinder Roleplaying video game experience for 13th-level characters. It incorporates a enormous magical collage teeming with sorcerous traps, bizarre puzzles, diabolical monsters, and numerous scholars and professors trapped in an internet of arcane deceit. Academy of secrets and techniques additionally incorporates a new monster and info on Korvosa's Academae, Golarion's most famed tuition of magic. like several Pathfinder Modules, Academy of secrets and techniques is a 32-page top of the range, full-color experience that incorporates colour maps and 4 pre-made characters so gamers can bounce correct into the motion.

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