Pediatric Fractures Dislocations and Sequelae by Scott H. Kozin MD

By Scott H. Kozin MD

Treating damaged bones in little ones is diversified than treating bone in adults. kid's periosteum has a wealthy blood provide which hurries up the therapeutic technique and will hinder residual therapeutic deformity. nonetheless, their development plate is a space to be watched rigorously because it is delicate to trauma. Scott H. Kozin, MD, from Shriners clinic in Philadelphia, has meticulously edited chapters you will discover informative and instructive. you will find chapters on the right way to deal with fractures of the scaphoid, elbow, wrist, arms and thumb, treating deformities, palsies and extra. keywords: Volkman's ischemic contracture, nerve palsies, higher extremity fractures, wrist deformities, supracondylar and condylar humerus, distal radius, phalanges, thumb ray, scaphoid

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