Planarch Codex: Dark Heart of the Dreamer by Johnstone Metzger, Jonathan Walton

By Johnstone Metzger, Jonathan Walton

It is a planar complement for Dungeon international, global of Dungeons, and different video games of dungeon event. it's modular, so use the elements you like.

FERAL ANTHROPOLOGIES offers new GM directions for taking part in in settings the place tradition matters.

CORSAIRS and occasional BRIGANDS describes the pervasive scourge of planar banditry and the way to participate in it.

THE starving CITY introduces the substantial planar city of Dis and its population.

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Dread made her yell more of a croak. Nothing. Her heart thundered. Another rattle, scratchy and drawn out, like sand sloughing off a dune. A hollow sort of chirping made her gasp. Whatever had made that sound was no more than a couple of feet away. ” she said, or tried to. But the roaches were already covering her like a hungry blanket. ~from Coccitan Rising: A Treatise on Insects That Think Coccitans are insectlike humanoids that live in the cracks of the world—forgotten ruins far below the surface or hidden colonies closer to human habitation—where they gorge on garbage, sewage, and other scrap that drains from the populated communities.

Coccitans can see perfectly well in the dark at short range. Coccitans replace their skins on a regular basis, and when they do, all old injuries are left behind with the molted shell. Interaction: Coccitans speak a language made of scents and waving limbs, rendering their communication almost indecipherable to other creatures. Negotiation might still be possible if the characters offer a rank piece of carrion or other “goody” in return for safe passage or even a coccitan guide through a treacherous subterranean area.

00 Unless the target succeeds at a difficulty 6 task (numenera related), a dread destroyer arrives in 1d100 hours. Interaction: Chance moths are hive insects. They generally leave other creatures alone unless disturbed or provoked. Use: A farmer’s daughter recently interacted with a hive of green glowing bugs and was badly injured when one exploded near her. Now the farmer needs someone to dig up and exterminate the colony. Loot: One cypher can be found in a chance moth nest. GM Intrusion: When a character is stung by a chance moth, roll twice on the table and apply both results.

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