Planescape: Torment by Colin McComb, Chris Avellone

By Colin McComb, Chris Avellone

Welcome to Sigil, town of doorways, a spot with gates that lead anyplace in lifestyles supplied you've the right kind key. it's a impartial flooring and watering gap for races around the multiverse, all lower than the watchful shadow of the woman of ache, the enigmatic ruler of town. it's a position the place the observe is mightier than the sword, the place suggestion defines truth, and the place trust has the ability to reshape worlds and alter the legislation of physics.
Planescape: Torment is an emotionally deep, considerate desktop video game. You play an amnesiac immortal looking for his prior and destiny. Rhyss Hess performed in the course of the online game, wrote down all of the conversation, and extra adequate narrative to make it stream like a singular.

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He hunched over, as if writing at a desk. He ‘wrote’ for a moment, then suddenly stopped, afraid. ” “Such a liar he had become, that when he died, he was to go to a horrible place…” Reekwind shook his head sadly, then hunched over again and looked wildly in all directions. “Pharod would not accept it, would not, would not! ” “He read, dug in books, and consulted seers…” Reekwind stalked back and forth, his hand over his eyes as if staring off into the distance. ” Reekwind broke wind again, then gave a reeking cough.

The man frowned, but his eyebrows tilted upwards in a reverse ‘V,’ creating a bizarre expression. I had no idea how he accomplished the facial expression, but it made me uncomfortable watching the muscles beneath his face shift into the new pattern. I couldn’t tell whether he was angry, curious, both or neither. ” The man seemed mesmerized by my voice. With every word I spoke, a light flickered in his eyes. “Barking Wilder Am-I, I-Am! ” I was starting to get a feel for his language. ” He stuttered out the word, as if having difficulty getting his tongue around it.

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