Players Guide to Changing Breeds (Werewolf: The Apocalypse) by Brian Campbell, Jackie Cassada, Nicky Rea, Matt McFarland,

By Brian Campbell, Jackie Cassada, Nicky Rea, Matt McFarland, Chris Campbell, Richard Dansky, Bjorn T. Boe

Beasts in Human Skin

The wolves can't be all over the place instantly, within the deep jungles and large savannas, within the stormy skies and the darkest seas, different werebeasts hunt. Serpents with the crafty of people float within the darkness, jaguar warriors provide bloody sacrifices to their pursuits, and cuning spiders weave their spells to trap prey. the opposite altering Breeds ahve been driven to the edge - yet now they're pushing again. they are going to take their rightful position less than solar and Moon, or die within the trying.

Tiger and Dragon, Raven and Rat

The different werebeasts of the realm of Darkness are introduced totally to gentle, permitting gamers and storytellers to combine shapeshifters right into a chronicle. all of the 11 diverse Changeling Breeds is roofed intimately, besides the mysterious alliances between their sort. Storytellers looking for the suitable new antagonist for a video game or avid gamers drawn to moving into the surface of a distinct werebeast are either welcome right here; now there are extra suggestions for Werewolf than ever.
Players advisor to the altering Breeds contains:

info at the 11 altering Breeds except Garou, from the Ajaba hyenas to the Rokea sharks
personality production info, inclusing presents, rites and fetishes, permitting characters of any breed
information at the Beast Courts of Asia, the Ahadi of Africa, and extra

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