Primal Power (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: Supplement) by Rob Heinsoo, Mike Mearls, Robert J. Schwalb, Logan Bonner

By Rob Heinsoo, Mike Mearls, Robert J. Schwalb, Logan Bonner

Take a stroll at the wild aspect!

This must-have publication is the newest in a line of player-friendly video game vitamins providing thousands of recent concepts for D&D® characters, particularly concentrating on heroes who draw strength from the spirits that safeguard and maintain the realm. It offers new archetypal builds for barbarians, druids, shamans, and wardens, together with new personality powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.

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Reflex Hit: 1 d8 + Wisdom modifier fire damage. Encounter. Beast Form, Implement, Primal Standard Action Close burst 1 Target: Each creature in burst Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex Hit: 2d6 + Wisdom modifier damage. You take half dam ­ age from the next melee or ranged attack that damages you before the end of your next turn. Primal Swarm: You take half damage from all melee attacks and ranged attacks until the end of your next turn. Swarming Locusts Stinging Cloud Druid Attack 1 Scattered Form Dru id Attac k 1 Your form scatters into a horde oj insects to auack nea rby creatures.

CHAPTFH 2 I D"uid SUGGESTED OPTIONS As a swarm druid , you focus on close attacks and other multitarget attacks that can be used while you are in beast form. Many of your powers (as well as the Primal Swarm class feature) cause you to take less damage or to avoid attacks entirely, allowing you to hold your own when you stay in melee range . It's a good idea to focus on feats , powers, and other options that boost your ability in close-quarters t'ighting. Many ofyour beast form powers are close bursts or blasts.

Druid Allack 3 You III uIIch yourseij-,lI your prey to tear itlilllbfrorn limb. Encounter'" Beast Form, Implement, Primal Standard Action Melee touch Effect: Before th e attac k, you shift 3 squares. Target: One creature Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex Hit: 1d8 + Wisdom modifier damage. Primal Predator: After the attack, you shift 3 squares. Flowing Swarm Ferocious Transformation Druid Utility 2 Winds howl around you. shieldin8 you f rom ha rm and hurlin8 your attacker away. Druid Attack 3 You disperse illto a cloud oIinsects.

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