Pro Silverlight 3 in VB by Matthew MacDonald

By Matthew MacDonald

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You won’t change the data and type attributes–they indicate that the element represents a Silverlight content region using version 2 or later. However, you may want to modify the height and width attributes, which determine the dimensions of the Silverlight content region, as described next. Note Be cautious about changing seemingly trivial details in the HTML test page. Some minor quirks are required to ensure compatibility with certain browsers. For example, the comma at the end of the data attribute in the element ensures Firefox support.

Conceptually, XAML plays a role that’s a lot like HTML, and is even closer to its stricter cousin, XHTML. XHTML allows you to define the elements that make up an ordinary web page. Similarly, XAML allows you to define the elements that make up a XAML content region. To manipulate XHTML elements, you can use client-side JavaScript. To manipulate XAML elements, you write client-side VB code. Finally, XAML and XHTML share many of the same syntax conventions. Like XHTML, XAML is an XML-based language that consists of elements that can be nested in any arrangement you like.

The project assembly is dumped into a Bin\Debug folder in your project directory, along with a few other important files: • A PDB file: This file contains information required for Visual Studio debugging. pdb). xaml: This file lists assembly dependencies. • Dependent assemblies: The Bin\Debug folder contains the assemblies that your Silverlight project uses, provided these assemblies have the Copy Local property set to True. Assemblies that are a core part of Silverlight have Copy Local set to False, because they don’t need to be deployed with your application (you can change the Copy Local setting by expanding the References node in the Solution Explorer, selecting the assembly, and using the Properties window).

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