Proceedings of the John Hall Symposium: In Honor of John by James Charles Bergquist, Scott A Diddams, Leo W Hollberg

By James Charles Bergquist, Scott A Diddams, Leo W Hollberg

This symposium used to be a commitment to John L corridor, who was once lately offered the Nobel Prize in Physics, (report below). The symposium used to be a party of his awesome occupation in physics and his notable list of achievements. Papers integrated during this quantity supply short and private glimpses of a few of his achievements, the study he encouraged, and the good friendships he has equipped. Nobel Prize file: John L corridor, a Scientist Emeritus of the nationwide Institute of criteria and know-how and a Fellow of JILA (joint institute of NIST and college of Colorado) has been offered the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics. corridor shared the Nobel with Theodor W Hansch of the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics and a professor of physics at Ludwig Maximilians college in Munich, Germany, and Roy J Glauber, a professor of physics at Harvard collage. corridor and Hansch have been offered part the Nobel Prize for his or her contributions to the improvement of laser-based precision spectroscopy, together with the optical frequency comb process. An optical frequency comb is generated by means of a laser specifically designed to supply a sequence of super brief - a couple of billionths of a moment - both spaced pulses of sunshine.

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A and the University of Colorado have been one of the most important world centers of high precision spectroscopy, and acting as the world center of time and length standards. L. Hall, for whose honor the present symposium has been organized, has been leading the research activity in the center of active groups, and also that the basis and the direction of the activities were founded in early 1960's by his leadership. Introduction In the early sixties, the laser was already regarded as a powerful candidate of new frequency and time standards, which will be the extension of Cesium clock in the microwave range into the optical frequencies, and also bringing in the atomic structure based length standards.

Or the somewhat less simple energies of hyperfine interactions in HF and molecular Iodine. Or fundamental effects such as frequency shifts of atoms due to the interaction with the Black Body thermal radiation bath. Leo Hollberg had to go to special efforts to observe them, but in these days the levels of interest have become so precise that significant corrections for this effect must be applied to the current best atomic clock, the Cesium Atomic Fountain Clock. Jim Bergquist introduced into optical spectroscopy the use of Ramsey's fringes that turn on coherence of both atoms and laser fields.

He got very excited and told me it was a great idea. He then suggested we might try it out together. He already had most of the equipment required in his laboratory, and he was very familiar with other stabilizing techniques. This seemed a great opportunity for me. We decided to collaborate and I came back to JJJLA in a few weeks to take part in some experiments. Experiments with Jan and Colleagues This was a great and fantastic experience for me. Jan was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about these kinds of experiments that it was a delight to work with him.

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