Pushing the Frontiers of Atomic Physics : Proceedings of the by Phillip L Gould, Winthrop W Smith, Robin Cote

By Phillip L Gould, Winthrop W Smith, Robin Cote

This designated publication highlights the cutting-edge of the booming box of atomic physics within the early twenty first century. It comprises nearly all of the invited papers from an ongoing sequence of meetings, held each years, dedicated to vanguard learn and primary stories in uncomplicated atomic physics, extensively outlined. This convention, held on the collage of Connecticut in July 2008, is a part of a chain of meetings, which begun in 1968 and had its ancient origins within the molecular beam meetings of the I. I. Rabi team. It presents an archival and up to date precis of present study on atoms and straightforward molecules in addition to their interactions with one another and with exterior fields, together with degenerate Bose and Fermi quantum gases and interactions related to ultrafast lasers, robust box keep watch over of X-ray approaches, and nanoscale and mesoscopic quantum platforms. The paintings of 3 fresh Nobel Laureates in atomic physics is incorporated, starting with a lecture through Eric Cornell on “When Is a Quantum fuel a Quantum Liquid?”. There also are papers through Laureates Steven Chu and Roy Glauber. the quantity additionally comprises the IUPAP younger Scientist Prize lecture via Cheng Chin on “Exploring Universality of Few-Body Physics in accordance with Ultracold Atoms close to Feshbach Resonances”.

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7) and remove the factor 2/3 in order to have the value of Sij . Then by following essentially the same steps as took us from Eq. 7) to Eq. 13) we are led to the result Sij = iµ2 eik0 rij (1∇2 − ∇∇) . 7) February 16, 2009 30 14:30 WSPC - Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in icap2008 R. J. Glauber By again using Eqs. 12) we find 3 2 3 = 2 Sij = eik0 rij 1 ∇∇ −i 2 k0 k0 rij 1 (1) 1 + 2 ∇∇ h0 (k0 rij ). 8) There is now a certain convenience in identifying the spherical Hankel func(1) tion h0 , since we can use familiar recursion relations6 for the Hankel functions and their derivatives to evaluate the double gradient term in Eq.

H. , Appl. Phys. B 84, 633 (2006). 24. G. , Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 030802 (2006); ibid. 99, 039902 (2007). February 16, 2009 14:30 WSPC - Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in icap2008 46 MORE ACCURATE MEASUREMENT OF THE ELECTRON MAGNETIC MOMENT AND THE FINE STRUCTURE CONSTANT D. HANNEKE, S. FOGWELL, N. GUISE, J. DORR and G. 7 and 15 times smaller than for previous measurements in 2006 and 1987. The electron is used as a magnetometer to allow lineshape statistics to accumulate, and its spontaneous emission rate determines the correction for its interaction with a cylindrical trap cavity.

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