Relativistic Theory of Atoms and Molecules II: A by Pekka Pyykkö

By Pekka Pyykkö

Relativistic results are of significant value for understan- ding the houses of heavier atoms and molecules. This booklet remains to be the one finished bibliography on similar calculations. the fabric is geared up by means of topic into ta- bles containing a concise characterization. including quantity I (Lecture Notes in Chemistry Vol. forty-one, ISBN 3-540-17167-3) the literature until eventually 1992 is now coated and 6577 references, with titles, are given within the books. The e-book will supply aconvenient reference for theoretical chemists and atomic and molecular physicists drawn to the houses of heavier parts. Contents: advent - One-particle difficulties - Quantum electrodynamical results - Multielectron atoms: tools - Multielectron atoms: effects - Symmetry - Molecular calcula- tions - Solid-state idea - Relativistic results and heavy- point chemistry - Corrections to quantity I - a few reviews on notations and terminology - checklist of acronyms and emblems - Bibliography.

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1. (continued). Polyzou (1989) Roothaan (1989) Rosenberg (1989) Salomonsson and Oster (1989) Sampson et al. (1989) Schwarz et al. (1989) Shadwick et al. (1989) Tisenko (1989) Bijtebier (1990ad) Bijtebier (1990b) Bijtebier (1990c) Cheung and Li (1990) Darewych (1990) Kim (1990) Migdalek (1990) Scott et al. (1990) Sneddon and Whittingham (1990) styszynski and Karwowski (1990) Franosch and Soff (1991) Gaida et al. (1991) Grant (1991) Hamacher and Hinze (1991) Johnson (1991, 1992) Kagawa et al. (1991) Lindgren (1991) Liu and Kelly (1991) Parpia and Mohanty (1991) Relativistic two-body models.

Level order for a Dirac particle in mixed scalar and vector potential, h=a·p + Bm + ~(1+B)V(r), without Klein paradox. The square-root operator solved for Polyzou (1987) Coulomb, Yukawa and 'confining' (-C 1 /r + c 2 r) potentials. Isospectral transformations in Rand NR Rosenhouse and Katriel mechanics. The C -> 00 and h -> 0 limits (1987) of 10 Dirac equations. Numerical solutions of the Dirac Salvat et al. (1987a) equation for a 5- parameter MP for Z 1-92. saritepe and Swamy (1987) 20 Dirac equation for an electron in a helical wiggler magnetic field.

1992) Oscillator potential + SO-coupling. 4. (continued). Lauwers et al. (1992) Inversion of the Dirac matrix by parallel transported multigrid in SU(2) lattice gauge theory. Potential bags with smeared surfaces. Leal Ferreira and Tomio (1992) Leutwyler and Smilga Spectrum of the Dirac operator in (1992) vacuum gauge fields, QeD. Maier and Dreizler (1992) Poles of the S-matrix for a Dirac square-well potential. Martinez-y-Romero and Conformal invariance in a Dirac Salas-Brito (1992) oscillator.

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