Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Fire and Ice: The Elemental by Robert J. Defendi, Lyn Mortensen

By Robert J. Defendi, Lyn Mortensen

Rolemaster fable Roleplaying is a really versatile and finished RPG-system from Iron Crown corporations:
This torrent includes Spell legislations; fireplace and Ice: Elemental Companion
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“The six Champions stood in a circle, one from every one aspect. They stood quietly, their heads hung low. Slowly, they started to chant. The phrases began smooth, yet inbuilt energy and depth. each one Champion started to glow a bit as they choked with energy. the weather swelled and rushed to fill them. They vibrated because the chant rose greater nonetheless. ultimately, their heads rose as one. Their eyes burned, doubtless ate up by way of the elements.”
The preferred and coolest Rolemaster myth position taking part in complement to hit the streets in years. New spells, new professions, new education applications, and new monsters will upload spice and tool to any crusade online game. certain merchandise construction principles upload a flavorful twist. yet watch out the corruption of such strength. discover what your characters can do once they command the weather.

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7. Heat Arc — As Fire Arc except the energy is invisible heat, causing only a shimmering to be seen as it strikes. This negates up to 20 of the target’s defensive bonus from Quickness. 8. Wall of Heat — A wall of invisible heat (up to 10' x 10' x 6"). Anyone passing through takes an ‘A’ Heat critical. This wall is Very Hard (-20) to notice. 9. Enveloping Flames — Flames flare out from caster’s body. All within 5' of caster take an attack on the Fireball Table. 10. Fire Strike I — Two 1' diameter balls are shot from palm of the caster.

13. Suppress Fire — Fires in the area (up to 20' radius) are suppressed, causing the flames to vanish. Fire will not spread nor consume any additional material for the duration. Items that were on fire are still hot to the touch and have a 50% chance of delivering an ‘A’ heat critical for every round of contact. Fire will return when the duration expires or the spell is canceled. 14. Back Draft I — Causes target fire (up to 5' radius, but at least 1' radius) or less to stop burning for one round.

6. Lightning Arc — An arc of lightning is shot from the caster’s palm. Attack is resolved on the Lightning Bolt Table. Assign a -5 penalty per foot of range, instead of normal range penalties. 7. Blinding Flash — All within sight of caster are blinded for 1 rnd per 10% failure; caster is affected too but has a +25 to resist the effects of this spell. 8. Photonic Orb — An orb of coruscating light is shot at target. Target must resist or is blinded 1 round per 5% failure. 9. Fettered Bolt — A bolt of concentrated light is shot from caster’s palm.

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