Science of Poker by Dr. M Mahmood

By Dr. M Mahmood

This booklet is just a little tough to learn, and provides not anything to what the higher poker books educate. i do not believe this publication will flip you right into a wasting participant, yet your funds is healthier spent in different places. I offered my replica quickly after deciding to buy it.

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The pot has value only when it offers the right odds, irrespective of its size. The reward must outweigh the risk. For example, in a $20–$40 game you flopped top two pairs and the turn card gave one of your rivals a flush. Naturally he comes out betting. If the pot contains $200, thereby offering odds of five to one, you should not call the bet because the odds against completing your hand with only one card to come are just over ten to one. A call is correct, however, if the following conditions are met: (1) the pot odds are about 9:1; (2) at least one opponent will call your bet if you make your full house.

39 THE SCIENCE OF POKER Suited cards are extremely important especially in limit games, and paired and wrapped starting cards are frequently supported by suited cards. Consequently, the impact of flush draws on the winning potential of the starting hands will be described in the sections related to paired and wrapped starting cards. 1 Pairs If you are dealt a pair, your two-card combinations will be reduced from six to four. For example, if your starting four cards are A-Q-Q-2, the two-card combinations are A-Q, A-2, Q-Q and Q-2.

For example, your hand is Q♥-Q♠-X-X and your opponent has A♣A♦-X-X. If the flop is J♥-7♦-3♣, you are nearly 4:1 against winning the pot. However, if you flop a split pair of a lower rank to that of your opponent, then you are only 13:7 against (nearly 2:1). Thus, if you hold Q♥-J♠-8♣-2♠ against AA-X-X and the flop is J♣-7♥-3♦, the hand with the higher pair is only 13:7 favourite. (2) Low split pair with a six-card draw to the straight is nearly evens against a higher pocket pair.

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