Servants of the Cinder Queen: A Dungeon World Adventure by Jason Lutes

By Jason Lutes

There as soon as used to be a monastery perched excessive on a slope of the mountain referred to as Hvitr’s Horn. The warrior-monks who dwelt inside have been devoted to Hvitr—lawful god of storms and justice—and entrusted with the stewardship of holy artifacts and texts. yet chiefly else they have been gatekeepers; for Hvitr’s Horn was once an lively volcano, and therefore (like all energetic volcanoes) a gateway to Ellorash, an elemental airplane of fire.

The finish of this brotherhood got here with an eruption that spewed forth the Flaming Host of Ellorash, an otherworldly legion led by way of the demi-goddess Gildarthe. Legend holds that Hvitr himself descended from the heavens to overcome again Gildarthe and seal the planar gateway, yet no longer prior to the monastery and all inside have been drowned in a flood of lava.

Now, three hundred years later, the steading of Meervold, on the foot of Hvitr's Horn, has entered a gloomy time. Villagers are disappearing. unusual lighting fixtures are obvious at the chilly slopes. far-off screams echo in the course of the evening. The Council of Elders is damaged and powerless, and people who haven't fled Meervold stay in simple terms simply because they're paralyzed with fear.

What secrets and techniques lie underneath the ruined monastery? Are any of the lacking villagers nonetheless alive? Is there any fact to the rumors of holy artifacts locked in the mountain?

Only a idiot or an adventurer might dare search the answers!

An experience for Dungeon international, designed for ease-of-use and improvisational play.

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