Skyward Steel: Naval Campaigns and Characters for Stars by Kevin Crawford

By Kevin Crawford

The captain status at the bridge, wreathed in smoke and the cries of the death. the executive engineer, suffering to strength that final invaluable burst of energy from the fusion plant. The Marine sergeant preserving quick within the hatchway, dying to the alien boarders. The cold-eyed admiral, deciding upon the slain through the flip of a notice and her orders to her bait.

Join the Thousand lighting of the Stellar army during this complement to the loose Stars with out quantity roleplaying video game. tackle the jobs of the lads and ladies of the Fleet, the sky-bourne protectors of the homeworld and its safeguard opposed to the outer evening. even if a grizzled ranking, dauntless officer, or elite Deep Black espionage operative, Skyward metal deals either GMs and avid gamers the instruments to include either the tasks and the poor freedom of those guardians one of the stars.

Skyward metal incorporates a host of priceless instruments and data for either GMs and players:

* The heritage and roles of stellar navies within the Stars with no quantity universe, together with info on planetary invasions and army area stations.

* information at the ranks, pay, and association of stellar navies.

* directions on operating sandbox naval campaigns, and the way to offer the gamers freedom with out compromising the army subject matter of the campaign.

* principles for recreating the climactic naval battles cherished of army sci-fi, with each computer concerned with the determined fight to beat the overpowering foe.

* Sixty experience seeds, for each global tag within the Stars with no quantity middle book.

* info at the workings of the Deep Black interstellar operations groups and their perilous covert ops missions.

* New heritage applications for naval characters, and a range of teaching programs on hand to each class.

* New send hulls, guns, fittings, and private apparatus for naval and covert ops characters.

* information on construction planetary navies for an international and deciding upon naval budgets and operations expenses.

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The pilot can choose to change the ship’s spike frequency after the enemy has declared what phase they’re shooting into. Float Like A Leaf: The pilot kills the ship’s internal gravity for one round, briefly and drastically altering its handling profile. For one round, the ship gains a -2 bonus to its Armor Class while the enemy targeting computers compensate. This command is not effective two rounds in a row, though it can be used interspersed with other choices. Between The Rain: This command works only when two or more enemies are firing on the ship.

If running a naval campaign, it’s best to automatically assume that the ship’s engineer passes the Tech/Astronautics check to prevent the ship’s explosion when it reaches 0 hit points; if you don’t, the entire campaign’s progression then hinges on a single die roll, and that’s rarely a useful place for a GM to put a game. Even if not reduced to a rapidly-expanding cloud of metal gas, PCs are likely to be in trouble if their ship is disabled. Power and pressure will almost certainly be lost by then, and PCs not safely in vacc suits or ship suits will face a short and unpleasant future.

Vulnerable for only one round, with AC 4, no effective armor, and 5 hit points. Both lifters and drop pods can be launched safely so long as their parent ship evades the station’s sensors. Returning from the surface, however, gives the station a second chance to detect them and engage them from orbit, as standard lifters and drop pods lack the stealth circuitry available to actual starships. A single military orbital can effectively protect one hemisphere of a world. With 24 hours of careful maneuvering, the station can switch hemispheres, but the maneuver jets on a space station are too weak to give it effective tactical movement options.

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