Soccer For Dummies by Tom Dunmore

By Tom Dunmore

Learn to:

  • Get a deal with on football ideas and regulations
  • Grasp the fundamental strikes and plays
  • Improve dribbling, passing, and different skills
  • Appreciate this well known pastime

Learn the fundamentals, increase your video game wisdom, and succeed in your football enjoying goals

Do you get a kick out of football? no matter if you are a formative years league participant, a football dad or mum, or an international Cup fan, right here finally is the publication you have been looking forward to. Now up-to-date with the newest background, stats, and principles of this renowned activity, Soccer For Dummies is the last word advisor to the best and most well liked game on the earth.

  • Kick off — get a beginner's heritage of football, from its early days in China to the fashionable online game that is showcased in stadiums and performed on football fields all around the globe
  • Get to the nitty-gritty — detect the principles of the sport, what every one participant at the box is predicted to do, the strategies they hire, and the talents they should play
  • The largest activity within the world — discover every little thing in regards to the specialist online game of football, from the most important convey in the world — the FIFA global Cup — to different overseas tournaments comparable to the eu Championships, Copa the US, and the CONCACAF Gold Cup
  • For fans — discover what you could count on at a certified football video game, in addition to the lowdown on the place you will discover football on tv, on-line, in newspapers, magazines, books, video clips, and on DVDs

Open the e-book and find:

  • How football is performed (and scored)
  • Tips on training, tips on how to hold healthy, and the way to play "the appealing game"
  • An in-depth examine women's soccer
  • How membership football is equipped around the world
  • Important foreign and membership teams
  • Fun football evidence and engaging tidbits
  • A examine the game's so much interesting players

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23 24 Part I: Kicking Off Dribbling or passing? Why were the Scots so dominant in the early days of the Scotland/England internationals? It was all down to the different tactics they played. The English liked to run with the ball and dribble it past opponents, but the Scots realized that passing it around among each other paid dividends. They still ran with the ball, too, but mixed up their play with short and long passes. This was called combination play. As the British took the game around the world, many countries copied combination play, swiftly adapting it because most Europeans and South Americans were more interested in the skillful side of the game rather than the trademark British physicality.

Chapter 1 Introducing Planet Soccer In This Chapter ▶ Understanding why soccer is the simplest game ▶ Learning how to play: The basic aims and rules ▶ Playing and watching ▶ Explaining why people love soccer so much A ssociation Football — soccer, as it’s known in the United States — is the most popular sport in the world. It’s referred to by many different names around the world: football, footy, soccer, fitba, fútbol, calcio, futebol, voetbol, le foot, foci, sakka, or bong da. Whatever it’s called, the game remains the same: two teams of 11 players, each team trying to kick a spherical ball into a goal more times than the other.

37 38 Part I: Kicking Off You may also want to take the actual cleats themselves — the studs on the bottom of the shoe — into the equation. Most cleats have molded, plasticstudded soles — although some are metal, which are more suitable for muddy conditions. The length of the studs determine which field a pair is suitable for — longer studs are for softer grass, shorter studs for hard or firm surfaces. Some designs are less performance-related, with an eye on fashion: Different colors from the usual black are popular.

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