Solid State Electronic Devices: Global Edition by Ben Streetman Et Al

By Ben Streetman Et Al

Solid kingdom digital Devices is meant for undergraduate electric engineering scholars or for training engineers and scientists attracted to updating their realizing of contemporary electronics


One of the main everyday introductory books on semiconductor fabrics, physics, units and know-how, Solid kingdom digital Devices goals to: 1) enhance uncomplicated semiconductor physics ideas, so scholars can higher comprehend present and destiny units; and a couple of) offer a valid figuring out of present semiconductor units and expertise, in order that their functions to digital and optoelectronic circuits and structures will be liked. scholars are dropped at a degree of figuring out that may permit them to learn a lot of the present literature on new units and purposes.


Teaching and studying Experience

This application will supply a greater instructing and studying experience–for you and your scholars. it is going to help:

  • Provide a valid knowing of present Semiconductor Devices: With this history, scholars could be in a position to see how their functions to digital and optoelectronic circuits and structures are meaningful.
  • Incorporate the fundamentals of Semiconductor fabrics and Conduction procedures in Solids: Most of the generally used semiconductor phrases and ideas are brought and concerning a wide variety of devices.
  • Develop uncomplicated Semiconductor Physics Concepts: With this historical past, scholars could be greater capable of comprehend present and destiny devices.

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For which case would the critical thickness of the InAs layer be greatest? You may use Fig. ­1–​­13 from your text. INDD 51 2/18/15 7:05 PM Chapter 2 Atoms and Electrons Objectives 1. Understand the ­wave–particle duality of nature in quantum mechanics 2. Study the Bohr model of atoms 3. Apply the Schrödinger equation to simple problems 4. Understand the electronic structure of atoms and the periodic table 5. Understand how semiconductor properties are determined Since this book is primarily an introduction to solid state devices, it would be preferable not to delay this discussion with subjects such as atomic theory, quantum mechanics, and electron models.

Because of the high vacuum and close controls involved, MBE requires a rather sophisticated setup (Fig. ­1–​­17). However, the versatility of this growth method makes it very attractive for many applications. As MBE has developed in recent years, it has become common to replace some of the solid sources shown in Fig. 1­ –​­16 with gaseous chemical sources. This approach, called chemical beam epitaxy, or ­gas-​­source MBE, combines many of the advantages of MBE and VPE. INDD 44 In the next two chapters, we will discuss the propagation of various types of waves in finite size crystals.

More complicated alloy semiconductors are used to optimize optoelectronic properties. 2 These devices are generally made in s­ ingle-​­crystal material for best performance. Single crystals have l­ong-​­range order, while polycrystalline and amorphous materials have ­short-​­range and no order, respectively. 3 Lattices are determined by symmetry. In ­3-​­D, these are called Bravais lattices. When we put a basis of atom(s) on the lattice sites, we get a c­ rystal. Common semiconductors have an fcc symmetry with a basis of two i­ dentical or different atoms, resulting in diamond or zinc blende crystals, respectively.

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