Sorcery and Steam (Legends & Lairs, d20 System) by Various, Fantasy Flight Games

By Various, Fantasy Flight Games

The definitive d20 approach source for steampunk delusion settings and adventures.

• A complete dialogue of what steampunk is, what it seems and appears like, and the way to introduce it into your myth online game.
• designated instructions on incorporating the present corre periods right into a steampunk online game, in addition to 3 new sessions and greater than a dozen status periods.
• A handful of latest talents, together with force, Munitions, and Use Steamcraft gadget, in addition to new makes use of for latest talents.
• precise details on new euipment and know-how, from steamcraft units to black powder guns.
• finished motor vehicle principles and outlines of numerous universal steamcraft cars, together with locomotives, ironclads, and zeppelins.

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The typical lack of a social structure and a defined belief system within the animal kingdom tends to leave animal lords with a lack of knowledge in divine powers. If a good or neutral animal lord has retained (or possibly regained) a measure of his humanity, he may honor or worship gods of nature, animals, or the hunt. Evil animal lords may pay tribute and give blood sacrifice to the gods of slaughter, death, or tyranny. CHAPTER TWO: Character Classes Unlike rangers of druids of the fantasy world, animal lords not only serve to protect the creatures of the wild, but also act as leaders and generals against all who would stand to injure or exploit the beauty of the wild and its inhabitants.

The way also demands an active, inquisitive mind, so monks can make use of steam technology without becoming dependant on it. The techniques and philosophies of the engineers are not so far from aspects of the way of the monk, who builds a perfect self in accordance with rigorous logic and discipline. Sects of monks might create new techniques inspired by technology—attacks that strike with the rigid strength of a construct; meditations on the heart of the furnace, where emotion fuels motion; the clockwork mind that deconstructs itself.

Few things are as intimidating as a barrage of fire, and the rifleman or gunslinger archetype can be just as iconic as the traditional swordsman. Huge war machines, such as earthshaking cannons or armored land leviathans, are a common steam tech development. The best pilots and gunners for these are fighters who specialize in driving and steam-based weaponry. Such specialists are far from the traditional simpleminded fighter, and siege weapons are rarely suited for dungeon adventuring, but the fighter’s role is the same no matter what weapons are used.

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