Spells & Spellcraft: Compendium of Mystic Lore (Legends & by Fantasy Flight Games

By Fantasy Flight Games

Spells & Spellcraft is the fourth quantity in delusion Flight’s Legends & Lairs line of d20 process sourcebooks. This 176-page hardcover publication will supply rankings of latest arcane and divine spells, new feats, principles for alchemical learn and arcane libraries, and ideas for brand spanking new magical traditions. Spells & Spellcraft can be a useful source for either avid gamers of spellcasting characters and DMs seeking to extend the limits of magic of their campaigns.

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Once the spell is cast, the caster needs only tap the book or scroll she wants shelved, and the spell will place it there. The book is moved telekinetically, not via teleportation, so closed doors and the like will block the spell from functioning. Shockwave This spell causes a massive wave of force to explode outward from a point designated by the caster. The wave deals 3d6 subdual damage to all creatures within its area, as well as initiating a bull rush against such creatures. Roll only a single bull rush check for the spell, opposed by the check of each creature.

Thus, a 16th-level wizard could use her undead gate 16 times, after which the enchantment would vanish. An undead gate registers to detect magic, although this may not reveal the portal’s nature. A successful dispel magic rids the portal of its enchantment. Once the undead gate is in place, the caster can use it so long as she is within range of the portal. Upon command, the undead gate summons a random number of the desired type of undead monster. Summoned undead appear anywhere within range of the portal, as designated by the caster.

Arcane Material Components: Fruit or vegetable seeds. Surface Transmutation Level: Clr 2, Dru 2 Components: V, S, DF Casting Time: 1 action Range: Long (400 ft. /level) Target: One creature Duration: 1 round/level Saving Throw: Fortitude negates Spell Resistance: Yes This spell makes it impossible for a creature to submerge itself in water, regardless of its weight or physical properties. It negates any natural buoyancy that the creature possesses, causing swimming creatures to float on the surface of the water until the spell’s duration ends.

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