Spherical CR Geometry and Dehn Surgery by Richard Evan Schwartz

By Richard Evan Schwartz

This publication proves an analogue of William Thurston's celebrated hyperbolic Dehn surgical procedure theorem within the context of advanced hyperbolic discrete teams, after which derives major geometric effects from it. the 1st is the development of huge numbers of closed genuine hyperbolic 3-manifolds which certain complicated hyperbolic orbifolds - the one identified examples of closed manifolds that at the same time have those different types of geometric buildings. the second one is a whole knowing of the constitution of complicated hyperbolic mirrored image triangle teams in instances the place the attitude is small. In an obtainable and simple demeanour, Richard Evan Schwartz additionally provides a large number of necessary details on advanced hyperbolic geometry and discrete groups.Schwartz depends upon common proofs and avoids quotations of preexisting technical fabric up to attainable. consequently, this publication will profit graduate scholars looking access into this rising region of study, in addition to researchers in allied fields equivalent to Kleinian teams and CR geometry.

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3, the term perturbation means that there is a single > 0 so that all partial derivatives of Fj are within of the corresponding partial derivatives of Ej . 3 has two cases, which we will establish in turn. 1 Case 1 Suppose that k ≥ n + 2. ,ck ) ∈ Rk and y ∈ V , define Θ(c, y) = E1 (y) + c1 , . . , Ek (y) + ck . Here Θ is a map from Rk × V to Rk . ,1). The linear differential dΘ is clearly a surjection at each point. Hence, Θ−1 (L) is (n + k) − k + 1 = n + 1 dimensional. Since k ≥ n + 2, the projection of Θ−1 (L) into Rk must avoid points of Rk that are arbitrarily close to 0.

210–214]. Given 3 points a, b, c ∈ S 3 , we take lifts a, b, c ∈ C 2,1 and consider the triple a, b, c = a, b b, c c, a ∈ C. 22) It turns out that this quantity always has negative real part and changing the lifts multiplies the number by a positive real constant. 23) 2 2 is independent of lifts and is P U (2, 1)-invariant. This invariant is known as the Cartan angular invariant . It turns out that A = ± π/2 iff the points all lie in a C-circle and A = 0 iff the points all lie in an R-circle. In general, two triples (a1 , b1 , c1 ) and (a2 , b2 , c2 ) are P U (2, 1)-equivalent iff they have the same angular invariant.

Bk ) ∈ (Rn )k , and y ∈ V , we define Θ(a, b, y) = (F1 , . . , Fk , G1 , . . , Gk ), monograph August 20, 2006 27 TOPOLOGICAL GENERALITIES Fj (y) = Ej (y) + aj + bj · y, Gj (y) = ∇Ej (y) + bj . 4) RB = Rk × Rnk . 5) Note that ∇Fj = Gj . The map Θ is a smooth map from an open subset of RA into RB , where RA = Rk × Rnk × Rn , Consider dΘz at some point z ∈ V . • By varying just the a coordinates, we see that the image of dΘz contains Rk × {0} ⊂ RB . • Let π : RB → Rnk be the projection onto the last nk coordinates.

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