Sports Broadcasting by Brad Schultz (Auth.)

By Brad Schultz (Auth.)

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Fox reduced its role in the Dodgers and Disney has aggressively looked to unload the Angels and Ducks. And despite great tradition and tremendous fan support, the NHL‘s Montreal Canadiens went up for sale in June 2000. Brewery giant Molson, which has been associated with the Canadiens for 40 years, said it could no longer make money “given the current economic conditions in the NHL,” and was selling so that it could concentrate on its beer business. Serge Savard, former Canadiens general manager and player, said hockey clubs have become too expensive to operate.

Sports writer Kirk Bohls flatly says, ‘‘A complete ban on betting would absolutely kill the NFL. That league thrives on gambling interests, which is why it releases detailed injury reports each week. ” Add to this the growing problem of Internet gambling. Not only can bettors get instant and updated information to place bets, they can actually make their wagers online. , but companies get around the problem by basing their services in another country. Experts say such businesses handled $60 million in action in 1996 and ten times that much just two years later.

Historians believe that his two programs dealing with Joseph McCarthy played the pivotal role in bringing down the demagogue senator. News producer and writer Reuven Frank of rival NBC said, “Some suggested McCarthy was already falling and it made no difference. ” It was not long after the See It Now broadcast of March 9, 1954 that the US. Senate censured McCarthy, thus ending his communist witch hunt. But even in those early days, entertainment began to make its presence felt. In July of 1955, NBC invested a lot of time and money on a show promoting a political summit in Geneva, Switzerland-the first such conference since the end of World War 11.

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