Studies of fossilization in second language acquisition by ZhaoHong Han, Terence Odlin

By ZhaoHong Han, Terence Odlin

This quantity, as a sequel to Fossilization in grownup moment Language Acquisition by way of Han (2004), brings jointly a set of latest theoretical and empirical experiences on fossilization, a vintage challenge of moment language acquisition. It covers a variety of views and matters. The analyses mentioned herein deal with key matters of many moment language researchers and lecturers in regards to simply how some distance somebody can move in studying a brand new language.

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Similarly, Schachter (1996), in trying to account for why adult L2 learning is not likely to result in native-like L2 competence, makes a series of assertions as follows: . ’ . ’ . ’ . ’ Though Schachter did not explicitly state that most, if not all, adult L2 learners are affected by fossilization, the insinuation is there through the juxtaposition of the statements concerning L2 learning behavior. ’ These hypotheses have conditioned the thinking of scholars about adult L2 acquisition as being an event continuum that begins at point L1/zero L2 and progresses through varying degrees of interlanguage development up to a potential maximum point of L1/near-native L2, where ‘near-native’ rather than ‘native-like’ is considered as the highest level of acquisition possible for adult learners.

For second language acquisition, investigations into verb-raising have been widely used for well over a decade as a window onto the learner’s grammatical representation of the target language, especially regarding the issue of whether functional categories are present in the L2 initial state and/or whether learners could acquire targetlike feature settings such as ‘strong’ vs. 4,5 Here, I would like to focus in particular on the series of papers by Eubank and colleagues cited above, which constituted the primary point of departure for Lardiere (1998b).

A) (b) The child walked slowly to school. The child ate slowly her lunch. Ã In other words, as discussed in (White, 1991: 148– 149) it appeared that the participants in White’s study who were instructed on adverb placement in English were not able to differentiate between permissible adverb positions in sentences with transitive vs. intransitive verbs, and instead incorrectly overgeneralized aspects of their instruction to the SVA(P) word order. Moreover, although White’s study showed that those learners who were explicitly instructed on adverb placement performed significantly better than those students who were not, a follow-up study conducted one year later showed that the effects of the instruction were apparently not retained: there was no significant difference between those students’ original pretest and follow-up test scores, as well as no significant difference between their follow-up scores and scores from an additional uninstructed group.

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