Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger (Presents Extra) by Heidi Rice

By Heidi Rice

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She crossed her arms over her chest, painfully aware of what a fright she must look. ’ The grin turned to an affectionate smile. ’ His gaze dipped and she shivered, not feeling remotely cold any more. She nodded, having somehow lost the power of speech. He indicated the way down the hall. ‘Spare bedroom’s third on the left. ’ His gaze flicked down her frame. ’ ‘Thanks,’ she murmured, finding her voice at last. ’ ‘There’s an en suite with towels and…’ His deep voice trailed off and for a second she wondered if he felt as awkward as she did.

This year she was going to be the one who took control and got what she wanted. The one doing the using. Unfortunately, they were already ten months into the new year, and she’d yet to find a single candidate willing to be used. ‘Hey, that’s weird. ’ Tearing her thoughts away from her disastrous love life, Maddy noticed the sharp frown on Luke’s handsome face as he stared at the horizon. Her stomach plunged and the concern that had pawed at the back of her mind all afternoon leapt at her throat like a rabid dog.

You’re okay. Don’t move,’ she murmured, touching his forehead to brush back the thick, wavy locks falling over his brow. The blood that had been gushing in the sea had slowed to a sluggish crawl, seeping out of a narrow gash below his hairline. She pressed her thumb to it and his eyes snapped open. Her pulse pummelled her neck as she stared into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. The brilliant turquoise of his irises contrasted with the bloodshot whites, and looked so pure and dazzling it reminded her of an old fifties postcard of the Caribbean Sea, the colour too rich to be real.

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