Surgical Approaches for Internal Fixation by Thomas Rüedi, A.H.C. von Hochstetter, R. Schlumpf, T.C.

By Thomas Rüedi, A.H.C. von Hochstetter, R. Schlumpf, T.C. Telger, Martin Allgöwer

Surgeons faced with acute trauma are usually lower than nice strain to behave fast. just a couple of have an infallible three-d reminiscence as regards the various techniques invaluable for treating fractures by means of inter­ nal fixation. hence there's a genuine want for a reference publication at the techniques to the shoulder, arm, pelvis, and leg that is instructive and in keeping with medical perform. this can be real either for the emergency state of affairs and for the "evening ahead of" with the critical preoperative making plans. THOMAS RUEDI, himself a health care professional in addition to a proficient illustrator, in coopera­ tion with ARTHUR VON HOCHSTETTER, a scientific anatomist, and excellently interpreted by means of the artist ROBERT SCHLUMPF, has created a singular and impres­ sive atlas. The surgical techniques are depicted in a fashion that is ana­ tomically right, constrained to the necessities, and reasonable. moreover, the horny, black-and-white illustrations of the anatomy are effectively sup­ plemented via colour schematic drawings. This luxuriously ready variation may well turn into a regular consultant to surgeons facing trauma. It merits a common distribution in surgical leave­ ments and reference libraries.

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L i e 1 Palmaris brevis muscle 2 Flexor pollicis brevis muscle 3 Median nerve with "median artery" 11 Дистальная часть лучевой кости. Передний доступ. Глубокий доступ (продолжение): К дистальной части лучевой кости подходят между сухожилиями m. flexor carpi radialis и сгибателей пальцев, латеральнее m. flexor policis longus. M. pronator quadratus, покрывающая кость, прорезается в дистальной части, либо разделяется в области крепления к лучевой кости и отводится в локтевую сторону. Лучезапястный сустав открывается поперечным разрезом, если это необходимо.

3-4 пальца проксимальнее и дистальнее сгибательных складок запястья. Fig. 11 a 1 2 3 4 5 Thenar crease ("Linea vitalis") Thenar branch of median nerve Median nerve Palmar branch of median nerve Styloid process of ulna 6 Styloid process of radius 11 Дистальная часть лучевой кости. Передний доступ. Глубокий доступ: M. flexor retinaculum разделяется медиально к сухожилию m.

Fig. 7b 1 2 3 4 5 Triceps muscle Posterior cutaneous nerve of forearm Lateral epicondyle Anconeus muscle Common extensor origin Fig. 7c 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Triceps muscle, tendon Anconeus muscle Lateral epicondyle Common extensor origin Annular ligament Interosseus recurrent artery Posterior cutaneous nerve of forearm (radial nerve) Radial extensor muscles 7 Плече-лучевой сустав и головка лучевой кости.

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