Systematic Relations between Electronic Structure and by Mulliken R.S.

By Mulliken R.S.

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After application of the stress σ, the domains with directions coinciding with the direction of the stress change their dimensions. 36 Hysteresis of the magnetostriction. , Przegl. 33). 53) In some materials, stress can improve its parameters, which is the reason why the electrical steel is often covered by special insulation coating that creates tensile stress in the material. 38) (Kaleta et al. 1996). ), the performances of the final product can be significantly worse than the performances of the virgin material (Wilczynski et al.

74) Moreover, precession of individual spins start with different Larmor frequencies and phases and only after certain time is obtained the equilibrium condition. 75) During observation of the free precession, we try to decrease the relaxation time because it prolongs the time of sampling. In medicine applications (NMR tomography), the investigated patient is placed in a nonuniform static magnetic field and by changing the frequency of an alternating field, we can localize a given part of a body.

Beside the thin film, the magnetoresistive effect also appears in some crystal materials—for example, extraordinary large effect called colossal magnetoresistance was discovered in manganese-based perovskite oxides (Jin 1994, Tumanski 2001). In colossal magnetoresistors, it is possible to switch between insulator and conductor state (magnetoresistance as high as 108% (Chen 1996). Unfortunately, colossal effect requires low temperature (below 100 K) and large magnetic field (above 2000 kA/m). In thin-film ferromagnetic structures and in ferromagnetic nanowires supplied by high-frequency current, large (even 400% for a relatively small magnetic field not exceeding 1 kA/m) change of impedance, giant magnetoimpedance (GMI) effect is detectable.

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