Table tennis : steps to success by Larry Hodges

By Larry Hodges

A workbook that gives a innovative fifteen-step software for studying the fundamental talents and ideas of desk tennis, with illustrations, task sheets, and dialogue of kit and warm-up exercises.

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3). 4). opposite way that the ball is coming. if you hit the ball off the end of the your racket is too open. If you hit the ball into the net, your racket is too closed. Generally, table, 22 Table Tennis: Steps to Success CREATING SPIN Maximum spin is produced by just grazing the ball. 3 Keep your racket closed to return a topspin The more the ball is grazed and the faster the racket is moving at contact, the more spin there will be. If you contact the ball toward the tip of the racket, you'll also get more spin, because the racket tip moves faster than the rest of the racket in nearly all shots.

Try not to let your heels touch the ground. Your knees should be bent, with your body in a slight crouch. The taller you are, the 28 Table Tennis: Steps to Success more you need to bend your knees. This brings you down to the playing surface and enables you to spring in either direction very quickly. Your racket should point at your opponent. This allows you to move it in both directions equally and quickly. Use your free hand as a counterbalance. It shouldn't just hang there! Keep your wrist above vour elbow at all times.

Do the same backhand to backhand. These are your first true rallying drills, and the most common way to warm up at the start of a playing session. Practicing these shots in this manner is the first step toward perfecting Success Goal = 20 consecutive forehands and them in a game situation. 20 consecutive backhands Your Score = (#) consecutive forehands (#) consecutive backhands Forehand and Backhand Down the Line 4. This hit drill enables you and your partner to drive forehand from the forehand corner down the ball down the line rather than always crosscourt.

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