Textbook of Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage: Vol 1 Basic by Robert H Harris

By Robert H Harris

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The more protein there is in the tissue, the less water can flow out of the tissue via the venous blood capillaries, because protein retains the water. By transporting protein out of the interstitial spaces, the lymph system again permits more water to flow out through the blood capillaries. 2 . e. the external mechanical influences on the lymph vessel. This is based on the fact that specific external for­ ces, as described, stimulate the angio-motoricity. 3 . Auxiliary, indirect lymph drainage, which is supported locally or re­ gionally by manual, direct lymph drainage.

From there it is again pum ped to the capillaries, where O2 is unloaded from the "transport vehicle" haemoglobi n , and CO2 is loaded. Strictly speaking, O2 and haemoglobin become oxyhaemoglobin and this oxyhaemoglobin rel eases O2 i n the capillaries, wh ich then di ffuses into the tissue. On the other hand, CO2 is transported as gas dissolved in the aqueous portion of the blood . Some of the CO2 in the blood then re­ acts chem ically with water as follows: CO2 + H20 produce H2C03 or carbonic acid which dissociates to H and HC03.

Myogenic automation and control of vascular activity by means of synergistic-functioning receptors in the vessel walls ensure coordi­ nated lymph transport. The main physiologic stimuli are pressure and temperature stimuli. Intravascular transversal, but also longitudinal, 34 stretching sti muli increase the "pulse rate" of the lymph sections . Smooth muscle cells, such as those in the vessel wal l , exhibit electrical and mechanical reactions after undergoing passive stretchi ng . To regu­ late their stim ulation in accordance with the prevailing situation , the vessel wall muscles with autonom ic, i .

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