The Art and Science of C: A Library Based Introduction to by Eric S. Roberts

By Eric S. Roberts

This paintings units out to supply an exceptional creation to desktop technology that emphasizes software program engineering and the advance of excellent programming sort. The textual content specializes in using libraries and abstractions, that are necessary to sleek programming, and readers will research the basics of ANSI C, the commonplace. instead of try and translate Pascal-based ways right into a new area, this article is written from the floor up as an creation to C.

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Most programs use libraries that provide tools the programmer need not recreate from scratch. Every program in this textbook uses two libraries —stdio and genlib —and may use additional libraries as well. You gain access to libraries by adding at the top of the program a #include line that specifies a header file. h ) are enclosed in quotation marks. Every complete C program contains a function main . When the program is run, the statements in the body of main are executed in order. Many programs are composed of the following three phases: input, computation, and output.

Thus, if the variable total is declared to be of type double, and you write the assignment statement total = 0; the integer 0 is converted into a double as part of making the assignment. 0; which has the same effect. 0 mean different things mathematically, so it is logical to use the form that is most appropriate to the sense of the application. Writing the value 0 indicates that the value is precisely 0, because integers are exact. 0 appears in a statistical or mathematical context, however, the usual interpretation is that it represents a number close to zero, but one whose accuracy is known only to one significant digit after the decimal point.

What is the difference between the unary minus operator and the binary subtraction operator? 22. By applying the appropriate precedence rules, calculate the result of each of the following expressions: a. 6 + 5 / 4 –3 b. 2 + 2 * (2 *2 –2) % 2 /2 c. 10 + 9 * ((8 + 7) % 6) + 5 * 4 %3 * 2 +1 d. 1 + 2 + (3 + 4) * ((5 * 6 % & * 8) – 9) - 10 23. In C, how do you specify conversion between numeric types? PROGRAMMING EXERCISES 1. c program exactly as it appears in this chapter and get it working. 2. h” main() { double b, h, a; printf(“Enter b: “); b = GetReal( ); printf(“Enter h: “); h = GetReal( ); a = (b * h) / 2; printf(“a = % g\n”, a); } Read through the program and figure out what it is doing.

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