The Books of Wonder 2 by Tommy Wonder; Stephen Minch; Max Maven; Eugene Burger; Kelly

By Tommy Wonder; Stephen Minch; Max Maven; Eugene Burger; Kelly Lyles

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Though tarnished with rust, the word ‘shortbread’ was still discernible on its lid. ‘Look, here’s his hip flask, wallet, a lock of hair, some letters he wrote. And this …’ He handed Daniel a copy of Punch magazine that was covered in doodles. Handwritten in faded ink above its masthead was ‘Major P. Morris, 2/Rifle Brigade’. ’ ‘There’s more of it inside. ’ Daniel opened the back cover and a folded sheet of paper dropped out. When he smoothed it out on the desk he saw it had brown stains on it and was annotated in German.

Next to them, he notices, is a field telephone and a studded cosh with fibres of hair and cartilage attached to it, and alongside this an empty bottle of HP sauce with the label half picked off. They are acting as paperweights for a trench map. He places them carefully on a shelf, takes a sheet of folded paper from his wallet and smoothes it out over the map. It is a musical score, annotated in German. He nods to himself as he studies it. There is meaning in these patterns. There is order and beauty.

CHAPTER FOUR Quito. Present day FLIGHTS TO QUITO ARRIVE AT NIGHT, BETWEEN A DARKLY FORESTED volcano to the west and a precipitous canyon to the east. As their 747 began its descent, Nancy and Daniel strained their eyes for a first glimpse of the city. They could make out the Guayllabamba River briefly, reflected in the moonlight, then the blackness became absolute as they entered a steep-sided valley. A minute later the city lights appeared below them as abruptly as a meteor shower. Their hotel, a colonial building with a flaking stucco façade, was in the Centro Histórico, near the church of El Sagrario, and because Nancy’s Spanish was fluent and Daniel had been to the city before, their ride there, in a taxi that reeked of stale cigarettes and warm leather, was direct.

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