The C Book: Featuring the ANSI C Standard (Instruction Set) by Mike Banahan

By Mike Banahan

This booklet provides an advent to the interval, that includes a dependent technique and geared toward pros and scholars with a few adventure of high-level languages. positive factors *includes embedded precis fabric in bulleted shape *highlights universal traps and pitfalls in C programming

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The division operators The division operators are the division operator /, and the remainder operator %. Division does what you would expect, except that when it is applied to integer operands it gives a result that is truncated towards zero. For example, 5/2 gives 2, 5/3 gives 1. The remainder operator is the way to get the truncated remainder. 5%2 gives 1, 5%3 gives 2. uk/c_book/chapter2/]. 3. An example performing input It's useful to be able to perform input as well as to write programs that print out more or less interesting lists and tables.

We will start by looking at the various types and then the conversion rules. 1. Plain integers There are two types (often called ‘flavours’) of integer variables. Other types can be built from these, as we'll see, but the plain undecorated ints are the base. The most obvious of the pair is the ‘signed’ int, the less obvious is its close relative, the unsigned int. These variables are supposed to be stored in whatever is the most convenient unit for the machine running your program. The int is the natural choice for undemanding requirements when you just need a simple integral variable, say as a counter in a short loop.

4. Some more programs This is a printer-friendly version of a page on the GBdirect web site. html. While we're still in the informal phase, let's look at two more examples. You will have to work out for yourself what some of the code does, but as new or interesting features appear, they will be explained. 1. A program to find prime numbers /* * * Dumb program that generates prime numbers. 2 What was interesting in there? A few new points, perhaps. The program works in a really stupid way: to see if a number is prime, it divides that number by all the numbers between half its value and two—if any divide without remainder, then the number isn't prime.

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