The Complete Basketball Coaches Guide to Footwork, Balance, by John Kimble

By John Kimble

The full Basketball Coaches consultant to Footwork, stability, and Pivoting discusses every element of footwork intimately, together with the strengths and weaknesses of other kinds of pivots for ball dealing with, capturing, offensive put up play, rebounding, screening, and protecting and whilst, the place, and why to take advantage of them. With approximately two hundred diagrams of the motion, particular footwork, and structure of many drills that may be used to benefit and perform a few of the strategies of different stages of the sport, this wonderful ebook presents new insights into the instructing of footwork which can support any staff be extra explosive, scale down on turnovers, and feature self assurance on either ends of the ground

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Each drill/activity is given a specific location in the gym where that drill should take place. A brief description of each drill/activity will be explained. The routine starts with 42:00 on the score clock. While the varsity squad is basically spending the first five minutes doing predominantly stretching activities in Areas 1, 2, 3, and 4; the junior varsity squad will be using the two dribbling lines (8 and 9) and all six baskets. For the next four minutes (with 38:00 on the clock), the varsity will use the six baskets and the areas near those baskets along with Area 7.

As a student and a coach of the game, several influences have impacted my coaching beliefs. These influences range from summer basketball camps, coaching clinics, coaching textbooks and written publications, videotapes, observing other coaches’ practices, and the countless informal coaching clinics with many other coaches trying to learn just one more drill, defense, or play. Personal influences in my coaching life have come from many of the most top-notch coaches of the game: The Iowa Basketball Camp (Lute Olson and Scott Thompson), The Doug Collins Basketball Camp (Doug Collins and Bob Sullivan), The University of Illinois Basketball Camp (Dick Nagy and Lou Henson), The Indiana Basketball Camp (Bob Knight), The Dick Baumgartner Shooting Camp (Dick Baumgartner), The Washington State University Cougar Cage Camp (George Raveling, Tom Pugliese, Mark Edwards, and Jim Livengood), The Snow Valley Basketball School (Herb Livesey), The Notre Dame University Basketball Camp (Digger Phelps and Danny Nee), The Illinois State University Basketball Camp (Tom Richardson), The Millikin University Basketball Camp (Joe Ramsey), Eastern Illinois University (Don Eddy), The Purdue University Basketball Camp (Lee Rose), The Oregon State University Basketball Camp (Ralph Miller and Lanny Van Eman), The Troy State University Basketball Camp (Don Maestri), The Maryville (TN) College Basketball Camp (Randy Lambert), and The Kansas State University Basketball Camp (Jim Wooldridge, Mike Miller, Jimmy Elgas, Charles Baker, and Chad Altadonna).

To make those shooting drills as game-realistic as possible, coaches must incorporate as many types of pressures on the shooters (and the shooters’ teammates that are passing the ball to them in the drills) as possible. trying to beat other players, other squads, other opponents. The so-called other opponents can be pre-set standards that can vary from player to player. These standards can either be increased or lowered, depending on the circumstances. One opponent that is universal to all players is the clock, and that opponent should be a major part of each shooting drill used.

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