The Gun Digest Book of Tactical Weapons Assembly/Disassembly by J B Wood

By J B Wood

Assault and tactical guns make up a really huge and speedily transforming into section of the firearms owned today.

Like different books within the well-respected sequence, this e-book indicates the reader an in depth, step by step method for thoroughly assembling or disassembling most of these firearms. This booklet is a useful device for an individual, from the fanatic to the pro gunsmith.

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Removal of the sear will require, of course, that the hammer, if cocked, must be eased down to fired position. If the hammer is removed, note that the rear arm of the hammer spring bears on a small grooved roller, retained by a rear cross pin in the hammer. Take care that this tiny part is not lost. 21. The last remark also applies if the hammer is to be taken out. Even at rest, the hammer spring is very strong. It must be controlled as the bearing pin is pushed out. 23. Move the rear of the trigger bar inward, to clear the magazine safety.

Remove the base plug from the bottom of the grip frame. indd 35 30. With the hammer in fired position, drift out the large roll cross-pin at the lower rear of the grip frame. 32. Remove the hammer spring and hammer strut from the bottom of the grip frame. 7/24/08 10:38:52 AM 36 : Browning BDA 380 33. Push out the hammer pivot toward the left. Remove the hammer, upward and toward the rear. 35. Keeping the hammer block under control, remove the safety sear trip (hammer-drop lever) toward the front and upward.

Indd 60 Push out the firing pin retaining pin toward the left. Remove the bolt cam piece. 6. Remove the firing pin. 8. Remove the bolt from the carrier unit. indd 61 9. If removal of the extractor is necessary for repair, drift out this pin. Control the coil spring, and take care that the small spring buffer is not lost. 10. If the ejector needs to be removed, it is retained by this pin. CAUTION: The coil spring is powerful. Control it and ease it out. 11. To disassemble the piston and recoil spring unit, align the piston head cross pin with the openings in the tube, and push out the pin.

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