The Inflected Infinitive in Romance Languages (Outstanding by Emily E. Scida

By Emily E. Scida

This e-book investigates famous matters with reference to the inflected infinitive - the syntactic distribution of the Portuguese inflected infinitive, and its beginning and improvement from Early Romance.

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Since the subject of the embedded clause is clearly only a member of its own clause and is not assigned a semantic role by the superordinate verb, it appears in the nominative case. Verbs that participate in this structure include declarative/epistemic and factive/emotive verbs such as acreditar, afirmar, confirmar, dizer, duvidar, lamentar, pensar, etc. The inflected infinitive in romance languages (44) 22 Nancy pensa terem os seus amigos gasto muito dinheiro. ‘Nancy thinks her friends spent a lot of money’ In this example, the subject of the embedded clause (os seus amigos) is not a shared semantic argument of the superordinate verb pensa.

They were very ready, showing that they had satisfaction in patience’ (Barros, Dec. 1, 5, 2) Said Ali states that the use of the inflected or uninflected infinitive after a preposition seems arbitrary and depends on the intention of the author and not on a fixed grammatical rule (1923:148). In my analysis, the occurrence of the inflected infinitive after a preposition is always possible, because the prepositional phrase consists of a separate clause in which the infinitive is the final predicate.

What one cannot do is accept as objective and valid interpretations that express clearly to be ideologicalized products’ (Conflicto lingüístico, 48) [Galician] (66) i poviri malati sensa agiuto o conseglio di medici i quali sensa alchuna carità domandano esserono paghate. 13–5) [Old Neapolitan] When the infinitive functions as the subject of a sentence, the inflected form of the infinitive may occur. Such infinitives frequently occur after impersonal verbs or expressions, or as the argument of noun or adjective predicates such as é provável, é pena, é imprescindível, etc.

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