The Meaning and Purpose of Leisure: Habermas and Leisure at by K. Spracklen

By K. Spracklen

This ebook makes use of the paintings of Jurgen Habermas to interrogate rest as a significant, theoretical suggestion. Drawing on examples from recreation, tradition and tourism, and going past issues in regards to the grand undertaking of relaxation, Spracklen argues that rest is primary to realizing wider debates approximately id, postmodernity and globalization.

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15–16). For Van Fraassen (1980, 1989), the success of science can be explained as a progression of successfully empirically adequate theories. There are two further problems raised by critics of scientific realism. The first is the problem of the underdetermination of theory by evidence (UTE). As stated by Van Fraassen (1980), albeit in the midst of another argument, the UTE problem goes: If T and T′ are theories which are both empirically adequate, their conjunction need not be – it may even be inconsistent.

Derrida (1976) uses poststructuralism to claim there is no single authority, no one single truth: in particular, the old metanarratives such as Marxism or Feminism are no longer relevant, or trustworthy, and for every meaning there is another iteration of signification. Baudrillard (1986, 1988, 1995) has argued that there is no reality we can access outside of, or unmediated by, discourses. He has gone on to claim that all we can see is a hyperreality constructed by these mediating discourses: his argument that the (first) Gulf War never happened except on television shows the way in which our impression of reality is distorted by the power of the media.

What separates the active citizen and the passive consumer is knowledge, upbringing and the motivation to transcend commodification and consumption through agency. So for Rojek, there is good and bad leisure: that which is good is defined as the sort that gives power and agency to individuals, that which instructs them in being good citizens. Rojek’s ideal of leisure is locally organized, worthy activities such as walking and cycling (the cover of Leisure Theory, is a reminder of the Clarion Clubs of Edwardian socialism, shows a bike in open countryside, in the winter, with hills on the horizon).

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