The Quintessential Fighter (Collector, Book 1) by Matthew Sprange

By Matthew Sprange

The courageous and religious knight clad in shining armour and fixed upon a fiery steed. The grizzled veteran soldier, battling in 100 battles through the years. The lone tribesman, exiled by means of his comrades and compelled to stand the area on my own with simply his spear to help him. The bold noble interesting high-class girls along with his speeding attractiveness, experience of wit and uncooked ability with the rapier. some of these are examples of the fighter, a category that's maybe the main varied in the online game. The Quitessential Fighter is a sourcebook that would tremendously extend this type, turning the fighter from an easy sword-swinger right into a absolutely fleshed-out personality with as a lot curiosity and innovation because the so much wily wizard, crafty rogue or avenging cleric.

Of all of the personality sessions depicted in the d20 approach, it's the fighter who stands aside. owning a devastating ability in conflict, the fighter is either keen and greater than in a position to launching himself into wrestle with any demeanour of creature or enemy that confronts the celebration. on the climax of any event, will probably be he who seeks out the biggest and hardest enemy to have interaction in unmarried strive against when others are left to accommodate its minions. As his comrades retreat earlier than successive waves of goblinois and fouler creatures, will probably be the fighter who holds the rear, bold any enemy to go the road he has set to guard his associates.

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Cacodaemon Talisman of Soul-Eating Aura faint necromancy; CL 5th Slot neck; Price 5,400 gp; Weight 3 lbs. DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION Worn on a necklace of vertebrae strung on a thin iron chain, this carved cacodaemon skull still bears dozens of sharp teeth. Once per day as a full-round action, the wearer can use the skull to draw forth the life essence of a dying or recently dead creature, as if the amulet were a living cacodaemon using its soul lock ability (Bestiary 2 64), creating a soul gem that appears in the skull’s mouth.

The daemonic portion of the Book of the Damned serves as the focal point for a permanent unhallow effect and sympathy attuned to attract neutral evil creatures. As long as the book is carried, its owner casts all evil spells as if he were two caster levels higher and gains a +2 bonus on all Charisma-based skills and checks when interacting with neutral evil creatures. Four times per day, the tome can be used to cast one of the following spells: blasphemy, circle of death, energy drain, death knell, soul bind, or soul transfer (see page 39).

More than one summoner has fallen prey to the ravenous hunger of an uncontrolled daemon, and few live to make the mistake twice. The circle is best engraved so as to avoid smudging or smearing of written symbols, and then outlined in fresh mortal blood (the caster’s own if possible). Recorded examples have even used candles of rendered infant fat burned so that their wax pools into the channels of an engraved circle, or a living circle formed from the twisted or braided entrails of a living, bound victim next to the summoner, acting as a conduit and focus for the binding.

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