The The 5-Minute Orthopaedic Consult by Frank J. Frassica MD, Paul D. Sponseller MD, John H.

By Frank J. Frassica MD, Paul D. Sponseller MD, John H. Wilckens MD

The 5-Minute Orthopaedic seek advice, moment variation is designed for quick session on over 250 orthopaedic difficulties encountered via orthopaedic surgical procedure, fundamental care, or ER practitioners. The well-known two-page layout permits effortless navigation via even complex sufferer court cases. New subject matters coated during this completely up to date variation contain acromioclavicular joint arthritis; ankle instability; biceps tendon rupture; chordoma; desmoid tumor; diabetic myonecrosis; dislocation within the grownup; epithelioid sarcoma; femoral shaft fracture in kids; hip and knee exam in young children; knee injection; lymphoma; metastatic bone illness; open fractures; pathologic fracture; pectoralis significant tendon rupture; sacral insufficiency fracture; septic hip; shoulder dislocation; shoulder instability; sternoclavicular joint dislocation; subacromial injection; synovial chondromatosis; synovial sarcoma; thoracic herniated disc; thoracolumbar backbone fracture and dislocation; brief synovitis; CT; MRI; and musculoskeletal radiography.

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The tomographic nanoscale reconstruction of 3D chemical maps is a further option. 9 Infrared Spectroscopy (IRS) Infrared spectroscopy can provide information on both the inorganic and organic components of calcified matrices. The coupling of a light microscope with an IR spectrometer has allowed spectra to be recorded for distinct microscopic tissue areas whose resolution can be increased by the addition of an array detector. Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy (FTIRM) and imaging (FTIRI) have both been used to study the degree of crystallinity of bone inorganic substance (Pleshko et al.

10 Raman Microspectroscopy This is a nondestructive, vibrational technique which has been applied to the study of mineralized tissues (Carden and Morris 2000). It is based on Raman’s effect, which can be summarized as follows. An incident radiation (usually a near-infrared laser excitation) interacts with a molecule that is at its lowest vibrational state so inducing an increase in its energy level. This 32 Chapter 3 Methodology is unstable and tends to return to its initial vibrational state, in which case a photon is emitted of the same frequency as the incident one.

8 Energy Filtering Electron Microscopy (EFEM) The presence and distribution of elements in a calcified tissue, and the structure and organization of crystals, can be clarified using an energy filtering electron microscope (EFEM) operating in an electron spectroscopic diffraction (ESD) or an electron spectroscopic imaging (ESI) mode (for the spatial resolution and detection limits of the EFEM, see Grogger et al. 2003). Several modifications and new techniques have recently been suggested to increase the power, sensitivity and range of applications of the EFEM (Egerton 2003; Leapman 2003; Feng et al.

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