Truncheon World: The Truncated Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel, Johnstone Metzger

By Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel, Johnstone Metzger

Truncheon global is a truncated model of the Dungeon international ideas, to be referenced through the GM in the course of the video game and through prep. the cloth here's offered in a marginally diversified order than within the Dungeon global book.

"I received unwell of lugging my hardcover reproduction of Dungeon international round. i presumed it'd be a lot more uncomplicated to simply have the GM part in a e-book and that's it. all of the notebook stuff is at the personality sheets, and that i quite often run ready dungeons (or Dungeon Planet stuff) so i've got monsters in my prep already.

So I made Truncheon global, a [digest-sized] ebook with simply the GM sections and the principles i would are looking to reference while operating the game."

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Keep scale in mind, too. Grim portents don’t all have to be worldshaking. They can simply represent a change in direction for a danger, or some new way for it to cause trouble in the world. You can advance a grim portent descriptively or prescriptively. Descriptively means that you’ve seen the change happen during play, so you mark it off. Maybe the players sided with the goblin tribes against their lizardman enemies—now the goblins control the tunnels. Lo and behold, this was the next step in a grim portent.

You’ll want to discern realities to find the truth behind illusions— magical or otherwise. Unless a move says otherwise players can only ask questions from the list. If a player asks a question not on the list the GM can tell them to try again or answer a question from the list that seems equivalent. Of course, some questions might have a negative answer, that’s fine. ” Basic Moves Hack and Slash When you attack an enemy in melee, roll+STR. On a 10+, you deal your damage to the enemy and avoid their attack.

Consider them an organizational tool, as inspiration for present and future mayhem. When you’re building fronts, think about all the creepy dungeon denizens, the rampaging hordes and ancient cults that you’d like to see in your game. Think in broad strokes at first and then, as you build dangers into your fronts, you’ll be able to narrow those ideas down. When you write your campaign front, think about session-to-session trends. When you write your adventure fronts, think about what’s important right here and right now.

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