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To make more in size or amount independent – ad. not influenced by or controlled by another or others; free; separate individual – n. one person industry – n. any business that produces goods or provides services; the work and related activity in factories and offices; all organizations involved in manufacturing infect – v. to make sick with something that causes disease inflation – n. a continuing rise in prices while the value of money goes down influence – v. to have an effect on someone or something; to cause change inform – v.

Fix – v. to make good or right again flag – n. a piece of colored cloth used to represent a nation, government or organization flat – ad. smooth; having no high places flee – v. to run away from float – v. to be on water without sinking; to move or be moved gently on water or through air flood – v. to cover with water; n. the movement of water out of a river, lake or ocean onto land floor – n. ”) flow – v. to move like a liquid F flower – n. the colored part of plants that carry seeds fluid – n.

To fall or let fall; to go lower drown – v. to die under water drug – n. anything used as a medicine or in making medicine; a chemical substance used to ease pain or to affect the mind dry – ad. com during – ad. through the whole time; while (something is happening) dust – n. pieces of matter so small that they can float in the air duty – n. one’s job or responsibility; what one must do because it is right and just E each – ad. every one by itself early – ad. at or near the beginning, especially the beginning of the day; opposite late earn – v.

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