Werewolf: the Forsaken by Matthew McFarland, Carl Bowen, Adam Tinworth, James Kiley,

By Matthew McFarland, Carl Bowen, Adam Tinworth, James Kiley, Rick Jones

Complete Moon Rising

The international is in shadow. to 1 facet stretches the wooded area, to the opposite town. Your claws are stained with blood. Your senses whisper of prey that runs sooner than you, and of predators who stalk even the likes of you. You pay attention the howls of your brothers and sisters. Luna rises. Your blood boils. it's time to hunt.

Wolves on the Door

Werewolf: The Forsaken the sport of bestial violence and supernatural terror is the second one middle environment sourcebook meant to be used with White Wolf's new Storytelling System™. Werewolves are creatures of unique sin, tainted via ancestral crimes and pushed to seek via the disgrace of being deserted. This ebook information what it truly is to be Forsaken, one of many Tribes of the Moon. Create your individual werewolf pack and search redemption or supply in in your savage nature.

For use with the realm of Darkness Rulebook.

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We were tribes. Tribes among the Uratha are not like tribes among primitive humans. They aren’t tied together by blood, although blood ties within tribes are common. A particular tribe doesn’t claim a particular patch of land as a tribal home, nor do its members roam as a group across the steppe in search of fertile resources. Uratha tribes have neither acknowledged chieftains nor strong political structures — they don’t seem to need them. For example, although the Blood Talons were scattered across the world and separated by oceans, their tribal totem watched over each new generation of his children.

The urges of spirits have a dangerous effect on human psyches, often driving the Ridden away from friends, family, jobs and homes. For those in the majority of humanity that know neither magic nor anyone with access to magic, spirit hauntings destroy lives. Strong Hithimu don’t have to deal with such problems, as they totally dominate their hosts and do as they please. If the host’s life is destroyed in the process, it doesn’t matter. The spirit finds a new life and continues in its activities. Weak spirits unravel lives slowly.

Some werewolves abandon the Forsaken for the Pure for their own reasons, breaking the Oath and being stripped of Luna’s blessing, but those renegades never join the Ivory Claws. Where the Fire-Touched rage with passion and fanaticism, the Ivory Claws are almost cold in their fury. They seem to possess the greatest foresight among the Pure and are frequently the ones who make the farthestreaching plans. They are the Pure most prone to maintain some semblance of a human life, though the humans who fall under their power are said to endure dire fates.

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