Why Math? by Rodney David Driver

By Rodney David Driver

Why Math? is designed for a "general schooling" arithmetic path. It is helping boost the elemental mathematical literacy now often demanded of liberal arts scholars. Requiring just a little historical past wisdom of algebra and geometry - not more than the minimal front necessities at most faculties - the publication emphasizes quantitative reasoning and important considering for genuine existence difficulties. In a concrete and proper approach, utilizing wide motivation from daily difficulties, Why Math? exhibits what possible do with common arithmetic and the way to do it.

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On the one hand it is 100/30 + 100/50 = 10/3 + 2 = 16/3 hours. 5 = 400/75 = 16/3 hours; the answer checks. Example 4. An automobile cooling system contains 10 liters of a mixture of water and antifreeze which is 25% antifreeze. How much of this mixture must be drained out and replaced with pure antifreeze so that the resulting 10 liters will be 40% antifreeze? Solution (1) Let x = number of liters to be drained out and replaced with pure antifreeze. (2) The total amount of antifreeze finally in the system can now be computed two ways.

Since the last digit, 8, is even, the entire number is even. One finds 9828 =2 X 4914. But 4914 is also even, and this leads us to discover 9828 =2 X 2 X 2457. Now 2457 is not divisible by 2. However, since 2 + 4 + 5 + 7 = 18, 2457 is divisible by 9. In fact 9828 = 2 2 Similarly, the fact that 2 + 7 + 3 finds 9828 X 9 X 273. = 12 shows that 273 is divisible by 3. One = 22 X 33 X 91. 1. Prime Numbers and Factorization Since 91 is clearly not divisible by 2, 3, or 5, try dividing by 7. This yields 9828 = 2 2 33 X 7 X 13.

Solution (I) Let x = number of shares he owns of Company A. Let y = number of shares he owns of Company B. (2) Then the total value of his shares of Company A is $24x and the total value of his holdings of Company B is $16y. So his total in the two companies is $24x + 16y. Hence 24x + 16y = 10,000. 2y. But these must add up to $855. 2y = 855.

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