Winning Lacrosse for Girls by Becky Swissler

By Becky Swissler

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Once she decides to leave the crease, she can’t hesitate in going after the ball. If the goalie is out of the goal circle, one other defender may enter the circle to defend the goal. This player is the deputy, and she is the only person other than the goalie allowed in the crease (and only when the goalie has left the crease). Substitution Substitution may occur at any time during the game. ” Subs come in at the 50-yard line in the middle of the field. The official timetable keeps track of substitutions.

The referees blow the whistle when the ball goes out of play, when a player commits a foul, or when a goal is scored. Whenever the whistle is blown, except for after a goal, every player on the field must freeze where they are. Out of Bounds If the ball is out of bounds, the player closest to the ball gets possession. If a player has intentionally thrown the ball out of bounds, the other team gets possession. If two opposing players are equidistant to the ball when it goes out of bounds, play is restarted with a throw.

Hold for one minute. Rotate your wrist again so the stick is straight out to the right. Hold for one minute. Rest and move the stick to your left hand and repeat this drill. Repeat the above drill, but place a ball in the crosse when you hold it out in front of you. While you are holding the stick for one minute, continuously bounce the ball in the pocket of the stick. Keep your arm fully extended and your wrist flexed as you bounce. Fancy Footwork Players: Two Distance: 25 yards Stand facing your partner without your sticks.

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