Defensive Revolver Fundamentals by Grant Cunningham

By Grant Cunningham

Progressive, useful Revolver Training

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals is the full advisor to self safety with the unique shielding firearm: the revolver. during this authoritative consultant, you are going to learn:

  • The revolver's virtue in shielding shooting.
  • Carrying a hid revolver.
  • Reloading the revolver below stress.
  • How to shield opposed to a violent, shock attack.
  • Dealing with multiple aggressor.
  • Understanding how your body's typical response to a shock assault may still impression your training.
  • And a lot, a lot more!

"The protecting revolver isn't really an antiquated afterthought. it is a valid choice that merits a innovative and sensible education procedure, that is precisely what furnish provides during this book." —Rob Pincus, I.C.E. education corporation

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Used improperly they present a danger to the user or to innocent people. That’s not what we as conscientious, competent, law-abiding gun owners wish to have happen and why we approach all handling of firearms with safety first and foremost in our minds. Guns always pose the same amount of danger, but the risk (the chance of that danger affecting us) changes. We create that change in risk through the use of safety rules and procedures. Following those rules and procedures ensures that the benefit of handling or using the gun outweighs the risk.

I usually recommend firing several cylinders of the ammo in question just to make sure that a) ignition is consistent and b) that its point of impact agrees with the sights on the gun. That’s a small amount and is significantly easier to afford. A malfunction that requires clearing is quite rare with a revolver. While there is a malfunction drill (and I’ll show it to you in a later chapter), I’ve personally never had to use it in the many tens of thousands of rounds I’ve fired through my revolvers.

If you find yourself slowing your trigger compression as ignition nears, try increasing your grasp pressure; I’ve found that it cures the issue most of the time, as it did with me. RELEASE The trigger release begins immediately after the hammer falls and the round ignites. The long trigger travel of the revolver delays the firing of the next round unless the trigger is kept in constant motion. This means starting the release without a pause. The trigger finger simply reduces the amount of pressure it applies to the trigger to the minimum amount necessary to keep in contact as the trigger is allowed to return forward.

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