Electric Arc Lighting by Edwin J. Houston

By Edwin J. Houston

Electro-T echnical sequence, is written in language resembling will allow most people without problems to appreciate the top ideas underlying the artwork of electrical arc lights, with none detailed education in electrotechnics. The swift progress of out-door illumination via the arc gentle has rendered it a question of necessity that the general public can be capable of own a extra prolonged wisdom of the rules underlying the construction of the voltaic arc than might be got from the day-by-day newspapers.
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46 number of lamps placed in the same each ordinary arc lamp requiring, approximately, 50 volts to maintain it. to the circuit, Railway generators, required to operate railway systems, are designed to supply an E. M. F. of about 500 volts, between the trolley and the track wire. The most important specting an electric consideration circuit, is re- the quantity of electricity per second, or the current, which passes through rate at which through the it ; or, in electricity circuit. other words, the caused to flow is The quantity of elec- tricity which flows through any circuit is measured in units of electric current called amperes.

20 the electric stream leaves the upper elec-. trode, passes through the arc and enters the lower electrode, then the upper elec- trode will be the positive, and the lower, the negative, electrode. The positive elecis generally indicated, as shown in the figure, by a sign, and the negative electrode by a sign. trode + The carbon voltaic arc is too brilliant to be observed directly by the eye, but if it be examined through smoked or densely colored glass, the following characteristics may be observed : In the space or gap between the opposed carbons an arc or bow-shaped bluish flame appears, much less brilliant than the ends of the carbon electrodes.

Wires of different the resistance in a wire of unit length and area of cross-section. 594 microhms, or rnillionths of an ohm, and a ELECTRIC ARC LIGHTING. 594 = of 256 hm 1,000,000 - - The resistance of a wire or circuit is a quantity and constantly enters into electrical determinations. As very important examples of a few resistances of well-known we may take the following The ordinary Bell telephone has a resist- apparatus : ance of about 75 ohms. An descent ordinary 16-candle-power incanlamp has a resistance of about 250 ohms, when hot.

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